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KK 🐶 (short for King Kong 🦍) and I 😘 are excited to share our designs with the world, and hopefully they will somehow inspire social change. Let’s make fashion statements y’all ✌🏼 

Our brand is vegan centric but not vegan exclusive, the creative approach is intersectional. While we’re all about Veganism Is A Social Justice Movement and Total Animal Liberation, we get inspired by other social issues as well such as diversity in the film & television industry, the lgbt movement 🌈, et cetera. 

Every collection is different. This first collection is kind and sweet, but kindness is not weakness, compassion is wild and burning 🔥 With your support, we hope to continue bringing you a variety of collections.

Fashion waste is definitely a faux pas. We stick to biodegradable materials such as Cotton and Organic Cotton in our products. Recycled Polyester is always on our mind. We use 💯% recycled mailers. Our inventory is kept very limited to avoid wasteful overstocking.

As our brand grows, we promise to improve (maybe we can do our own manufacturing 1 day? 🤩) and stay compassionate to our 1 & only home, 🌎, and fellow earthlings (humans & non humans).

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my good self 🙋🏻‍♀️ and my vegan fur son/roommate KK, the black/brindle french bulldog 🐶.

My name is Helen. I started drawing and designing since I was 5/6, and was obsessed with everything fashion. My interests broadened while studying at USC art school. I dabbled in performance art (later acting/modeling), printmaking, photography, screenwriting, etc. I’m an art student 🎨 for life.

I got KK around Spring 2016. It was a purchase 😔, I didn’t know any better👎🏼. But I’ve learned so much about animal exploitation since then, I’ll never buy again. #AdoptDontShop

Good thing is tho, every animal is amazing and KK turned me vegan (he re-ignited my childhood love for all animals, he was one of the reason why I went vegan and this brand existed in the first place). I made the connection through him - for the things that matter, we are more alike than different (we are different but the same), we suffer the same, bleed the same color, we want to live and be loved; if it’s morally wrong to eat dogs and cats, it makes no sense to eat other non-human animals 🐄🐖🐐🐓🐬🐟🦐, who have the same capacity to feel love, joy, pain and fear.

When I went vegan in July 2017 (pescatarian before that), it was almost automatic to want to do something creative for the movement. While I never went to a fashion design school (almost did tho), my heart was immediately drawn to creating 🌱✌🏼 vegan awareness apparel.

Our brand is inspired by the animal rights movement and a continuation of who I am as an artist and an animal rights activist ✊🏼.

HelenWongLaLaLand is a Los Angeles 🏝 based brand, everything is conceived and done locally, except some t-shirts and sweatshirts are manufactured or assembled (with US materiels) overseas. Photography is done on location all over the city. Models/actors live and work here as well, they are our friends and/or neighbors. 

We wouldn’t even dare to think about turning a profit at this point, but if for some miraculous reasons that we do, we would be beyond ecstatic and honored to donate to animal sanctuaries and animal rights groups.

Until every cage, every tank is empty ✊🏼

Team HelenWongLaLaLand

Helen & KK Wong 👩🏻🐶

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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